Who We Are

We’re a diverse team dedicated to making awesome sports games & content!

Our Mission & Careers

Our mission at Champions Round is to elevate fandom with friends through hyper-casual sports games, sports media, content and community. We exist to bring fans closer together with those that matter most via the world’s greatest unifier: Sports!

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Our People

Carter Russ

Co-Founder & CEO

Chase Payne

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Jason Gold

Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer

Angel Pang

Chief Design Officer

Jessica Chan

Chief of Staff


Hannah Hembree

Executive Assistant to CEO

Mike Spitz


Content & Marketing

Steph Smalls

Head of Content & Community

Kyle Hornacek

Digital Marketing Lead

Matthew Minnis

Content Creator


Fatih Ozkul

Senior iOS Engineer

Blake Brandon

iOS Engineer

Roman Kharchenko

iOS Engineer

Leonardo Armelin

Android Lead + iOS Engineer

Felipe Vieira

Android + iOS Engineer

Dhruv Gupta

Android Engineer

Rodolfo Lemes

Head of Backend Engineering

Rafael Costa

Junior Backend Engineering

Leonichel Guimarães

Lead Data Scientist

Lucas Bazzo

Quality Assurance

Marcela Barbosa

Quality Assurance

Design & UI/UX

Lucy Kent

Senior Product Designer

Emily Liao

Junior Designer

Noah Strause

Design Intern

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